MILLCOAT – Chemical Milling Maskant

MILLCOAT– Use when chemical milling aluminum.

Millcoat Technical Data Sheet

MILLCOAT STRIPPER/REDUCER- Use when it is desirable to strip of TMILLCOAT, after processing, rather than peeling or to reduce application viscosity.

MILLCOAT is a fast dry solvent pigmented stop-off lacquer or liquid maskant that can be applied over a clean surface by brushing, dipping, or spray to the surface to be masked. For certain process requirements additional coats may be applied after solvent flash off. Under normal ambient conditions parts can be processed within two to four hours after application depending on application thickness. MILLCOAT is relatively thick with a viscosity of 10,000-11,000 cps @ 75F and can be applied to a very sharp line.

MILLCOAT can be removed from nonporous surfaces by simple peeling or for large quantities of parts it may be stripped by using MILLCOAT STRIPPER/REDUCER. Use MILLCOAT STRIPPER/REDUCER to thin to
spray viscosity if using spray application. Cure may be accelerated by increasing ambient temperature.

MILLCOAT contains additives to enhance dimensional stability which require suspension if not used for several days. Use care in stirring to avoid introduction of air bubbles. MILLCOAT contains an easy to detect green pigment color to readily enable determination of application location, application thickness, detection of inadvertent application and completeness of removal. Coverage is about 130 sq. ft/gal. at 6 mil dry film thickness.

MILLCOAT is shipped as a flammable liquid and is available in 1 gal., 5 gal., and 55 gal. containers.

One Gallon Can55-Gallon Drum5-Gallon Tight Head Pail5-Gallon Open Head Pail