PEELCOAT CLEAR– Masking coating used when a clear temporary peelable and resist coating is required for mechanical protection only of surface finish for metals and glass.

PEELCOAT CLEAR is a fast dry solvent coating that can be applied over a clean metal or glass surface by brushing, dipping, or spray to the surface to be protected. For added thickness when additional film strength is required for peelability, additional coats may be applied after solvent flash off. Depending on the surface, different dry film thicknesses may be required with easy release surfaces receiving a thin coating and more adherent surfaces requiring a thicker film. Use PEELSEAL STRIPPER/REDUCER to thin to spray viscosity if using spray application. Cure may be accelerated by increasing ambient temperature. When protection is no longer required, lift the coating at an edge and peel as in removing a masking tape. If the peelable coating excessively breaks and tears apply a thicker film. As adhesion increases with time and temperature apply a slightly thicker coating if the film is to be left on for more than a
few weeks.

PEELCOAT CLEAR, a flammable liquid, is available in I gal., 5 gal., and 55 gal. containers.